Refine Manufacturing and Design
Houzz review 12/29/2016

I've had the pleasure of working on a few different projects with Jay and his staff as well as knowing a few friends that he's built homes for. Their quality is exceptional and their integrity and customer service is top notch. I highly recommend them!

Houzz User
Houzz review 9/5/2016

JW Neathery Inc, Excellent Builder that takes care of his clients with the utmost professional care. Mr. JW Neathery Company employee makes sure the customer have an understanding of each detail of the project from inception to completion. My wife and I invested in our retirement home with our builder Mr. JW Neathery.Inc. The one item that stood out with Mr. Neathery's Company is he is a Christian man that require his employee to carry the same ethic. JW Neathery is a five star company.

Houzz review 7/18/2016

Jay Neathery is the best custom home builder in the North Houston area. I researched and met with several builders and none came close. Jay helped us through the entire process: - Jay came to meetings with the architect to make sure we spent our budget on our priorities while helping reduce cost to things that didn't matter to us. - Their bid and specifications were very detailed and we knew exactly what we were getting. No questions or vague wiggle room. - They were excellent about communication throughout the project and managed change orders and options budgets in the best possible way. - The overall finished quality is excellent. - Project close out and cost transparency / documentation was the best I've ever seen. I couldn't give a higher recommendation. Jay and his team are as good as it gets!

Tammy Theodora
Houzz review 6/29/2016

Choosing the right custom home builder is very important, and Jay was always available during each step of the process. The subcontractors he referred / chose for this project, inclusive of 3 acres, were dedicated to getting a good job done! During this year-long project 2015 - 2016 the superintendent Keith, never lost focus on quality craftsmanship required from each subcontractor. I could always count on him to clear up a concern or an architectural issue, dealing with many detailed decisions during the building. I'm very glad to have chosen JW Neathery to build a beautiful French Country Estate for my family. Also on the property....JWN built a custom country barn as part of the year-long process.

Mark W. Todd Architects, Inc.
Houzz review 6/28/2016

Mark W. Todd Architects has worked with Jay Neathery for about 20 years. Jay and his team have consistently shown great care in their work. They have an exceptional worth ethic and show great attention to detail for every client. They are a great business to work with.

Houzz review 6/24/2016

J. W. Neathery, Inc. built our home for us and did an excellent job of managing our project. Jay worked with us through all details of the design process and assisted us during the design phase to ensure that we were aligned on what we wanted to have as a finished product. Jay and Jason supervised and managed all steps of the build and construction process and to ensure that all sub-contractors met J.W. Neathery's high standards of quality and finished product. J.W. Neathery's operates with the highest of standards and is excellent at relationship building with the client. They stand behind their work and ensure that the home you have at the end of the project meets or exceeds your expectations.

Bradford Peck
Google review 6/20/2016

As good as it gets! Jay Neathery is known for his quality, honesty, and being great to work with. Jay met with us and the architect (before winning the bid) to help us spend our budget on our priorities and reduce cost on areas we cared less about. His bid was straight forward, very detailed, and had realistic allowances for plumbing fixtures, counters, flooring, lighting etc... Working with Jay, Sandy, Jason, Keith, and Rebecca was a pleasure! I always felt that they were friendly and if they said they were going to do something, they always followed through. I have never met a better home builder!

Houzz User
Houzz review 6/8/2016

Jay and his team built a new custom home for us 5 years ago. It all went very well particularly considering the complexity of the project.

Cindy Martin
Houzz review 4/6/2016

Jay built our dream home ( we moved in June 2014). His knowledge was so extensive we hired his company prior to the drawings being completely finished. This was a great move as he weighed in on numerous things that worked on paper but not necessarily in actual construction. I cannot say enough about the professional manner in which the staff and subcontractors conducted themselves. The finished product is quality throughout . How nice to work with people who do their job to the level of perfection without being asked to or reminded about. They took care of everything. Building a home is very stressful. So glad we chose this company and highly recommend them to anyone who needs an experienced custom home builder.

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