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Lance C

Courtney Holland

Wes Wieder

Best builder I've ever used. Highly recommended.

Ken Richter

Jay, Jason and the entire team at JW Neathery Inc. are outstanding to work with. They provide excellent customer care and make sure expectations are being met. Jason did an excellent job helping us build our home and made sure every detail was taken care of. The followup with issues or things that need to be resolved stands above all else. If we had a problem after move in Jason responded and took care of things immediately. Jason, Jay and all the team have the same focus on customer and ensuring expectations are being met. We have a great home built with high quality thanks to the JW Neathery Inc. team. Ken & Deborah


Awesome home building experience!

Ryan McElfresh

Darla Curry

Jay is the finest builder around and a man with impeccable character. He helped us finish a home years ago when another builder started cheating us and was fired. He is one of the finest people we have ever met and would totally hand him our keys and let him do what he wanted in our home. Thank you Jay!

Ben Bivens

Jay Neathery is a exceptional person and I would trust him with anything. We met with Jay and many others when deciding to build in 2001 and 2002. His bid was a little higher, however the quality and support properties seemed like a win win situation to us. My Dad built homes in North Carolina and so I was somewhat familiar with the process. I would invite you to our home now since 2002- You will find nothing of major or minor problems with his initial build and later we contracted with him to do the area above our garage. He is the only contractor we will let in the house now and we are considering an upgrade for our later lives with handicapped changes we desire to make and stay here until we pass. You are welcome anytime to see his craftsmanship. A personal visit is worth hundreds of pictures. Excellent person, builder and organization- absolutely NO problems with the build and his continued support if we are trying to tweak something for us. He has never let us down at any time!!! All deadlines met, project and cost was in scope as we expected-knowledge and engineering before the house was constructed was a huge help-no cracks in brick-walls-floors- no plumbing-HVAC-problems. No nail pops in the walls after all these years! All we have had to do is normal maintenance. Because of the excellent HVAC our power bills are about 1/4 th what they were in the home we sold to build this one-Lots of savings over the years. Just a quality situation we have experienced. When you meet deadlines with quality and meet the budget not much more to say. Come see for yourself if you are trying to make a decision-make up your own mind after seeing our home-love to have you.

Darryl Morrow

J.W. is currently my builder & he builds a very high quality home. Places a high priority on attention to details.

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