The Best Places to Build a Custom Home

The Best Places to Build a Custom Home

Recently, in Texas, we’ve seen a lot of folks moving into our state, crowding urban and suburban areas. Native Texans are starting to look at moving out to rural areas, where they can build a custom home on their own lots. If you’re in Houston, you may be wondering what the best places to build a custom home are, if you’re hoping to leave the city behind and head for the hills. With ample land, nearby recreational sites, and easy access to the amenities of a major city, the rural communities north and west of Houston are calling your name.

If you’re trying to find the best places to build a custom home near Houston, you can trust J.W. Neathery to steer you in the right direction. We’ve been building exceptional homes on rural acreage for decades. We’re your skilled and local award-winning custom home builder. You can count on us to deliver beautiful custom homes built with our unique mixture of faith, experience, and quality Texas craftsmanship.


Tiny Magnolia, barely 2,500 people strong, may seem like a strange place to build a custom home. But for families and individuals fleeing the cramped living conditions of the big city, there’s no better place to carve out some land for yourselves. Golfers will appreciate having several world-class courses nearby and downtown Houston is about a 45 minute drive away. A decent commute, but one that’s worth the drive. After all, quiet country living has its perks. 

Magnolia does offer many subdivisions and exclusive communities, but a true custom home deserves sprawling acreage. Why settle for a home when you can have a true Texas ranch? Thankfully, Magnolia also offers ample rural land where you can build a custom home that will live up to all your wildest dreams. Things are bigger in Texas, after all, and Magnolia is the place for the biggest and most luxurious home you can imagine. 


On the other hand, Conroe is growing and growing. This rapidly expanding city still has rural areas that are ideal for building a custom home though. The big draw here is, of course, Lake Conroe. With fishing, boating, and more, it’s wonderful for outdoor enthusiasts. The Piney Woods are nearby too, offering even more beautiful outdoor spaces. Building a lakefront home can feel cramped, but a beautiful custom home on the lake can be worth it. 

Still, the outskirts of Conroe offer rural acreage for you to build a custom home on. One of the advantages of building in Montgomery County is the easy access to what Conroe can offer, from shopping, to dining, to art and education. If you’re interested in building a custom home north and west of Houston, Conroe may be a good option, depending on your needs. We recommend building in the outskirts, where you have room to grow. 


And, if you want access to Lake Conroe and other exceptional outdoor spaces, but don’t want to be so close to a medium-sized city, you can always build a custom home in Montgomery. The area around Montgomery is full of winding country roads and large lots. It’s an ideal place to spread out with a custom home. Lake Conroe is still close by as well, but Montgomery doesn’t attract the crowds that other cities and towns do. You definitely have a longer commute to Houston, but for retired couples or families looking for a weekend getaway home, Montgomery has a lot to offer. 

Really, Montgomery is one of the best places to build a custom home outside of Houston. There are lots of large rural lots, you have easy access to lakes and trails, and you’re still close to the amenities of a city, but away from the hustle and bustle that tourists and weekend visitors might bring. If you’re looking for a place to build the home you’ve always wanted, this little town might just be worth your time. 

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