How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Choosing a custom home builder can be difficult. It’s important to find the right builder to make your custom home exactly how you’ve always pictured it.

The area north of Houston, including the Woodlands and Magnolia, is considered prime real estate by many Texans. There are plenty of golf courses, lush natural areas, and many gorgeous custom homes. Expansive custom homes are a true Texas staple. Each year, more and more people choose to stop settling for someone else’s design or renovating their home piece-by-piece. Instead, they want to build a luxurious home that fits all their needs. But who can you trust with such an ambitious project?

Building a custom home can be a significant investment for you and your family. You want a dream builder for your dream home. Read on for 5 tips to help you find the ideal custom home builder for your luxury home. 


#1 History of Success

One of the most important criteria to keep in mind when hunting for a custom home builder is simple: can they deliver on what they’re promising you? You might be interested in building somewhere in Washington, Montgomery, or Walker Counties. In that case, you want a contractor who can prove they’ve done great work north and west of the Houston area. You want somebody with a history of success. It’s important to read client reviews and testimonials and get a full picture of how a contractor operates. If the contractor you’re looking at doesn’t have any reviews, that can be just as concerning as bad reviews. Think of choosing a contractor the same way you’d hire a new employee. You want to check their references. 

It’s also worth examining specific projects that your prospective custom home builder has done. Look through the gallery on their website and see examples of their work. Reading reviews is useful, but it can only take you so far. 


#2 Communication 

As you read reviews, there’s a specific word to have in mind: communication. Communication is key in any relationship. It’s especially important when it’s a relationship where you’re investing time and money. You deserve a custom home builder who is going to keep you in the loop with project updates, design decisions, and any unforeseen complications. As you interview builders and designers, ask them how they’ll keep you updated through the construction process. And remember, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. You want a contractor with a personal touch, one who knows what’s most important to you and treats you as more than just another client. It’s important to have a builder who values your dream home the same way they’d value their own. 


#3 Budget 

We hate to repeat ourselves, but your custom home is a significant investment. A truly personalized home with one-of-a-kind Texas craftsmanship demands a custom home builder who is up-front about cost, but also honest about complications. It can feel frustrating when you don’t think your budget is being respected. As you communicate with prospective builders, get a feel for how they treat your money. Remember to get quotes in writing.

However, quality is worth paying for. Don’t let price be your sole guide to choosing a custom home builder. You’re building a dream home, something one-of-a-kind that has everything you’ve ever wanted in a home. A luxurious custom home can’t be built for cheap without sacrificing your vision. You deserve somebody who is going to spend your money wisely without cutting corners or delivering anything less than exactly what you want.


#4 Vision 

The best custom home builder is also a custom home designer. A design-build firm will work with you from planning to building. They know and understand exactly what you want in your ideal home. Choosing to split your custom home across a design firm and a contractor can cause headaches. You don’t want a contractor who is going to build what they think you want because they don’t understand the plans your designer has handed off to them.The best home builders keep you involved in all steps of the process, from creation to completion. They don’t just understand your vision, they share it. You deserve a custom home builder who is able to help you achieve your vision, while working within your budget and on-time.


#5 J.W. Neathery

If you’re looking for a custom home builder who meets all of those criteria, look no further. At J.W. Neathery, we’ve been building fine custom homes for more than forty years. Our exceptional blend of high-quality Texas craftsmanship, faith, and honesty make us more than just another home builder. We’re an authentic Texas design-build firm. Our history of proven, high-quality work north and west of the Houston Metro Area speaks for itself. But don’t let us stop you from learning more. You can examine the custom builds in our portfolio. We don’t have anything to hide. Let us build the home you’ve always dreamed of

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